Update from the Atlanta Street Food Coalition

Hey everybody, we REALLY appreciate all of your support for street food in Atlanta. Thanks so much for all of the comments and emails.

We are working with Fulton County and City of Atlanta to make some positive changes to the rules and regulations regarding street food – in the mean time please be patient with everybody involved.

There isn’t a bad guy in this, it isn’t about money and it isn’t about government run amok.

This is a complicated matter involving multiple governmental departments – it takes time to sort through everything and get everyone on the same page.

Please be assured that we have big things coming this Spring and Summer.

For the time being, Hector’s Burro Pollo has moved across the street to Super Pan. If you want to dabble in the street food experience, I’m sure the health department won’t mind if you take your burrito outside while you eat it 🙂