The Filipino Food Truck


About:  I grew up with a Filipino mother that could not resist making mounds of food whenever my friends would come over. This is how Filipinos expressed their love whenever family and friends would get together. There were just crazy amounts of food. Dish after dish of all of the comfort foods would be laid out on giant tables and everyone would just eat and eat and eat. All the while listening to music and drinking the islands popular San Miguel beer. Coming together and feeling the love of family and eating great food.

It wasn’t until a career of years later in the restaurant business. A French culinary degree and getting laid off from corporate America that I took the leap of faith. It was time to do something on my own, but what?? What was my passion I asked myself? Cooking of course, but what?? Then it hit me, of all of the foods I had come to enjoy I always craved my mother’s cooking. I found a truck and built it out myself and as soon as I had it ready I joined the Atlanta Street Food Coalition.

I had always watched my mother cook and tried to help as much as she would let me. She eventually showed me how to cook each of the dishes that I had come to love. Of course now I have to twist and tweak it here and there.  Now I express that love of family, friends, and good times to you with my food.

Bon appe’tit and Salamat!

Chef John Lane