Tasty Bus Builds a Brand








Tasty Bus Builds a Brand

(Part 1)


The world of food trucks has been growing at a breakneck speed for years. According to Fastcasual.com, “the food truck industry, which is the fastest-growing channel in today’s food service industry, has grown from $650 million in 2013 to a projected $2.7 billion in 2017.”


All of this is great news for food truck operators, but it also means that the competition on the street is fiercer than ever. This is something that AJ, the owner of Tasty Bus, understood when he started his Tasty Bus adventure about a year ago. With his trusty Blue Bird vintage bus outfitted, AJ began to experiment with all types of food to test what the public is craving and, in the process, built a following for “Tasty Bus”.


After about a year, AJ settled on his ideal menu for the street food community based on the successes he had over the first year and feedback from his customers. He was ready to build his brand around a Mexican street food menu, including super popular winners like Jalapeño Poppers, Mexican Street Corn, and other favorites from South of the Border.


How do you capture lightning in the bottle and evolve this idea into a booming business? Luckily, AJ is a member of the Atlanta Street Food Coalition (ASFC), http://www.atlantastreetfood.com . It was here that AJ learned about The Color Spot (TCS), the exclusive graphics supplier to ASFC.


He able to tap into TCS’s branding, design and manufacturing expertise from years of experience as one of the leading large format printers in the country. In addition, as a valued ASFC member, he was entitled to a number of discounts including free design and 10% off his wrap. This saved AJ over $600.


The Tasty Bus arrives at TCS, a blank canvas ready to evolve into a winning brand statement. The first step is design, the goal being to create a Mexican street food truck, but not lose the Tasty Bus image as the only Blue Bird truck in the local market.


As such, the bus already had a unique look and AJ’s food was a hit wherever he set up. At the same time, we have to project his brand and attract customers. This brings us back to the opening comments here about the spectacular growth in the street food market. The big question is, “how do you attract customers when surrounded by 30 other trucks?”


This process begins with a spectacular design that is carefully curated to project the Tasty Bus brand. First, there are the three most important steps- questions, questions, and more questions. Only by learning about AJ’s experiences in the field, customer feedback and his goals as an operator can an attractive and effective wrap be designed.


* Coming next week part 2, the design process


Jonathan Baltic is in business development at TCS, The Color Spot. He has over 30 years’ experience in branding for major corporations and municipalities all around the US and overseas and has been a highly sought after speaker and writer in a variety of industries on the subject of branding.