Tasty Bus Builds a Brand Part 3

Production, Installation & Tasty Bus in The Field

All food trucks are not created equally just as all wraps are not. I spoke above about the design process and how critical it is when it comes to production that the same level of care should be used.


Yes, your wrap looks great when you first get it, but how well will it perform in the field? This is where making sure your wrap is made out of premium products is critical. Is your wrap made out of premium vinyl, is it over-laminated with a clear layer to protect it and, finally, are all the components designed, manufactured and tested to deliver the best performance?


TCS is a 3m MCS, Matched Component System certified manufacturer. This prestigious certification from 3m is awarded to a small percentage of manufacturers who have completed rigorous approval process. This includes an annual physical inspection of our plant by 3m and HP to assure our equipment, processes, inks and materials meet the strict requirements. The reward for our clients- a special enhanced MCS warranty from 3m and a guarantee that your wrap is made with premium materials and equipment.














The approved designs are set up and broken down into panels which are converted to machine code and fed into our Latex printers where they are first printed on 3m premium vinyl and then over-laminated with a clear layer of 3m film to protect the wrap from the elements and give it a sheen to enhance colors and visibility.

 These properly matched components and inks will assure a long life for your wrap, provided it is properly maintained which should be a standard part of your routine.

This means washing on a regular basis to stop dirt build up and anyway, who wants to buy food from a truck that is not clean?











Once the components are all printed and laminated they move to the computer cutting tables. Here the router cuts the panels perfectly so that when they are applied they match up cleanly and visually to make your wrap look as it was designed to.








The printing process now complete, the entire wrap moves to the installation department to be professionally applied to the truck. Our wrap installers spend years perfecting their craft so that your wrap can be applied like a second skin to your food truck to make it come alive.

















After 2 days of installation Tasty Bus is ready to be unveiled to the world! Of course at the end of the day there is really only one reason to wrap your food truck and take such care in the management of your brand – More Business!


It has only been a couple of weeks since we have competed the transformation of the Tasty Bus but the initial feedback from AJ has been;

“No matter where I set up, with my new look we draw a much bigger crowd then the other trucks”!