Snap! Franks and Coneys

About:  “Ever since I moved to Atlanta in ’93 I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people say ‘You just can’t get a good hot dog in this town,'” says owner of SNAP and Central New York Native Brian Murray. “Every time I would tell them I know the best,” says Murray with a distant gaze. Until one beautiful sunny morning at a farmers market in July 2011, Brian finally carried out his promise that one …day he would introduce Atlanta to the products, styles, and traditions of his childhood growing up in Oswego, NY. One of those products is Hofmann hot dogs, and on that sunny day standing under a tent, and behind a grill he purchased from Costco the night before with money he didn’t have, the customers lined up and asked for more. “I don’t just serve hot dogs, I serve childhood memories of time-tested proven winners, and I deliver them the way only a Central New Yorker can do it,” exclaims Murray. That’s why he didn’t quit two years earlier after a chef and restaurateur heard about his idea and wanted to start a business. “I made them a Texas Hot and they loved it! They said I had a winner but chickened out a few days later because they “crunched the numbers” and didn’t like what they saw,” says Brian. “I said fine, I’ll do it on my own. This will sound trite, but I didn’t start this to make a lot of money. I started it because I knew people would love it and I wanted to have fun. I had the emotional connection and passion they didn’t. Sometimes that’s worth more than a spreadsheet will tell you.” To this day those potential business partners are wondering what could have been. In a hushed tone Brian says, “One of them even told me that it took a lot of balls to do what I did and he admired me for it. All it takes is a little passion.” If you ever get a chance, stop by SNAP for THE WISEGUY or THE LATIN LOVER and an order of Brian’s New York buttered salt potatoes. You will probably see Brian working meticulously at lightning speed filling orders and personally thanking everyone who stops by for a bite. You won’t be disappointed.


Phone: 770.508.0850