Queens’ Kernel



Contact: queenskernel@att.net

Website: www.queenskernel.com

About: Queens’ Kernel serves multi-flavored popcorn prepared fresh in our commercial kitchen. No artificial coloring, flavors, or preservatives are used; nor is it pre-packaged. Popcorn is scooped and served per customer’s order. We rotate between approximately 20 different savory and candied coated flavors, having at least 4 different flavors available to choose from. Our names, flavors and slogans are uniquely chosen by the owners as well as suggestions from friends and customers. Just to name a few flavors, as Green Bay Packer fans, our rich cheddar popcorn is passionately named “cheese head” while white-house cheddar is befitting for our creamy white cheddar. Dark n lovely describes our dark chocolate covered popcorn while spice gryl is a blend of herbs and spices, many of which are taken right from our own organic home garden.