One Love Jerk Grill

About: One might ask: “What does One Love have to do with food?” One Love embodies everything about our food truck concept, which was inspired by an island where a lot of love goes into the preparation of the most basic foods: Jamaica! The islands motto is “Out of Many, One People”. Naturally, the food is a reflection of the many cultures that settled in Jamaica. Their influence helped in the creation of the unique culinary blend that is Jamaican cuisine.

Our main chef and island native, Troy Anglin, has a passion for one of Jamaica’s most popular foods. It was known to the Arawak Indians as “barbacoa” a wooden grate placed over a slow fire. This is the forerunner of the present day barbecue grill.  You must taste our delicious Jerk dishes and many other chef prepared menu items.

Twitter: @Onelovegrill