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Twitter: @NanaGs_

About: “CHIK-N-WAFFLES … What are you crazy???” That’s what my best friend said to me over drinks in a local pub in South Beach around 2.30 in the morning when I told him that I’m selling everything and taking my grandmothers’ Chik-n-Waffles recipes to the streets of Atlanta on a “Food Truck”. Fact is, Chicken and Waffles crosses every age group and every race. All cultures like fried chicken … from the 101 year-old grandmothers to the 18 year-old hipsters. Nana G is 101 years old, and she is my grandmother. She has been making Chik-n-Waffles for her family for over 50 years and lives in Orlando, Fl. Her recipes are very simple from her Belgian style waffles, to marinating her chicken with many secret spices and salt-water & buttermilk for 48 hours for her famous fried chicken. We’ve been so successful because we’re bringing something you couldn’t get before in terms of “Great Street Food”– where else can you get chik-n-waffles served with love … One bite of Nana G’s waffle, chicken & maple syrup and you’ll understand why they call it soul food, as it’s obvious that a lot more than just raw ingredients goes into making it. So, be on the look out for us stopping into your neighborhood or event near you because you don’t want to miss out on experiencing the soul of our truck! And eat the best damn chik-n-waffles you’ve ever had in your life… We are “Serving an American Tradition on a Rolling Kitchen”. Thank you, The Hollcroft Family


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