Mix’d Up

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Web: www.mixdupfoods.com

About Us:  WHO ARE WE?  We are a rockin’ burger truck, The FIRST of its kind here in Atlanta. Imagine Hard rock café on wheels, add in a couple of “Mix’D UP folks” blended finely with the best quality ingredients (purchased locally as well as from renewable and friendly sources), dust heavy with love and you get the best burger and fries known to the human race!

Here is the skinny……. Mix’D UP, powered by Cuzine Chefs, is a rockin’ roll inspired food truck serving gourmet burgers blended with all kinds of cool things from around the world all here in Atlanta.  Created by Chef Brett, who wanted to bring his passion for music and global cuisine together, and huck it all in the best burgers you have ever tasted in the world. Believe that he has created this unique dining experience for you that will make you come back and go “that is the best burger experience I’ve ever had!”