About:  Meatballerz strives to bring the best Italian meatball sandwiches to the streets of Atlanta.  Each meatball is hand rolled, using only the highest quality ingredients including fresh, never frozen meats, fresh herbs, fine Italian cheeses, and custom baked bread prepared exclusively for Meatballerz.  We use an age old Italian recipe passed down from generation to generation that remains true to the old world method of meatball making.  When we first came up with the idea for Meatballerz, we knew we didn’t want to change the meatball.  We felt like Atlanta was seriously lacking a good place to get a homemade meatball sandwich.  So instead of recreating the meatball, we decided to improve the way you eat it.  Hence, the ball-in-a-hole concept.  We take a special Italian boule, cut a lid on the top, drop the meatball in, add some of our signature Italian red gravy, and top it with shredded mozzarella cheese.  The lid is then closed and the whole thing is toasted to crispy perfection.  Check out our menu to see the various meatball options we offer.

In addition to our meatball sandwiches, we hand slice red potatoes, fry them, and cover them in our secret Italian seasoning shake for a perfect side dish.

We also offer a variety of Italian specialty beverages that can’t be found on other food trucks!

Book Meatballerz for your next event.  We believe you will taste the combination of love and quality ingredients in every last bite of our food and that makes all the difference!

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Cara and Catherine DeLalla


Atlanta, GA

Cara (404)861-6088

Cathy (404)694-1616