Ibiza Bites

Website: http://www.ibizabites.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ibizabites

Twitter:  @ibizabites

About:  IBIZA BITES is an approachably upscale mobile dining experience.

Named for the Spanish island of Ibiza, where parties are always in full swing and the mantra is “Live and let live,” IBIZA BITES invites you to experience first-hand (or rather, first bite) our philosophy:  “Life is food! Taste life!”

With a knack for combining unexpected flavors and creating fresh, updated versions of classic favorites, we’ve developed our very own gastronomical genre we like to call “SoLa” cuisine   ̶   a blend of, Latin American and good ole’ deep South flavors brought together in imaginative ways that will captivate your taste buds and leave you wondering,  “Mmmm… How do they make that?” and more urgently, “Can I have some more?”

An affiliate of Dennis Dean Catering, one of Atlanta’s most trusted and most recommended catering companies, IBIZA BITES brings to market all the innovation and flexibility of the popular new food truck concept backed by more than 10 years of expertise in catering, creative presentation and customer service.

IBIZA BITES provides the “culinary soundtrack” to some of life’s most celebrated moments. We help our clients celebrate the good life   ̶   good food, good times and good company.  Whether for private parties, corporate special events, product launches, business luncheons and dinners, bar and bat mitzvahs, wedding receptions, or film/TV production, IBIZA BITES offers a full-service, round-the-clock mobile dining experience for the most intimate of gatherings, the most lavish of affairs or the most mundane of meetings.