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Stationary location at 299-E Moreland Ave, NE (beside Sherwin Williams) and roving Mobile Unit.

Phone: 404-697-6400

Fax: 888-501-6288

Twitter: HokuliaATL

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Hokulia Shave Ice opens in Atlanta


Hokulia Shave Ice, the nation’s newest dessert concept, has opened a new location at Little Five Points (on Moreland Avenue) and will have a mobile unit available at events in Atlanta, Georgia. The proud owners of the new unit are Hokulia Richard and Linda (Faye) Walker. Richard, a graduate of Mercer University, is an Army Veteran and currently serves in the US Army Reserve as a Paralegal.  He also works for the Social Security Administration in Systems.  Linda is a graduate of Emory University and is currently a Nurse Practitioner in the Veterans Administration System.

Offering “A Taste of Hawaii,” Hokulia shave ice products come in more than 50 flavor combinations and in a variety of sizes. Each shack is owned and operated locally, and takes the traditional ‘Shave Ice’ concept to new heights, above and beyond anything that has been done before with the popular frozen treat. Hokulia is part of the Farr Ice Cream family, a company created more than 90 years ago by Asael Farr and one of the nation’s largest ice cream and confectionary companies.

Hokulia is the brainchild of Clint and Stefani Severson, the owners of the first Hokulia Shave Ice shack in Utah. Each summer, their families vacationed on Kona-The Big Island in a place known as “Hokulia.” In 2008, they were together on Kona and while sitting on the beach eating some awesome Shave Ice they decided that they needed some” Island Love” back home. They returned to Utah and realized their dream by opening the first “Authentic Hawaiian “Hokulia Shave Ice Shack. Their customers loved it! They know the secrets of making the best shave ice and are ready to share them with others through the magic of franchising.

“Our goal is to provide a shave ice product like the authentic Hawaiian desserts that are so popular,” said Mark Gilleland, Chief Operating Officer for Hokulia. “Each of our Hokulia shacks feature state-of-the-art equipment, and meet the highest standards of cleanliness and quality control as required by all health departments. One visit to a Hokulia and you will immediately experience the difference compared with other seasonal snow cone-type booths.”

It’s about the ice—not ground into gritty chunks, but shaved into “the softest melt in your mouth ice that can be made.”

That shave ice is then topped with a choice from dozens of different flavors, imported from Hawaii, and made with pure cane sugar. “We call them ‘Waves of Flavor,’” Gilleland said. Portions are enormous (sizes include short board, long board and Big Kahuna), and the products can have a serving of premium ice cream buried in the ice, topped with sweetened condensed milk to create a creamy and refreshing treat. Costs are extremely affordable, one reason families have been flocking to the shacks.

“Our Shave ice provides a very fine ice that appears almost snow-like,” Gilleland said. “This extremely fine texture allows syrups to be added and are quickly absorbed into the ice and does not sink to the bottom.  It is ‘melt in your mouth ice and flavor.”

At the Moreland Avenue Location (Little Five Points), customers can find convenient tables, chairs and umbrellas. The tables are specially-designed with holes at each setting, so customers can place their shave ice cups in the holes and enjoy eating their treats with both hands free. The Walkers also have a second shack to be used at various summertime events in the Atlanta area, like music festivals, “Food Truck Nights,” and Farmers’ Markets.  And as always, catering parties, weddings, and corporate events is available.

More information on Hokulia, including a list of flavors and location addresses, can be found on the Hokulia website at www.hokuliashaveice.com.