Fully Equipped Truck





Custom Built to be the most efficient kitchen in a truck
completely self sufficient with a 5500 generator (Honda the most quiet in the market)
40gl fresh water tank and 40gl gray waste water tank
Water Heater
Condiment flip top Refrigerator
6 burners oven stove, 12″ flat cooking top
3 bay sink and one hand sink
Counter top food warmer
Hot box and (food pan carrier)
Insulated beverage Dispenser
Bottle cooler
6 storage compartments
4 Gas propane tanks
Floor mats
Cutting boards
Plastic Containers
Stainless Steel Commercial Pan
1 Big tamale pot
1 medium size tamale pot
2 brazier pots
General utensils (tongues, spatulas etc)
Igloo cooler
Beach Umbrella
High Picnic table with base
Two servers window
Size 19 by 27


CONTACT: yolisstreetfood@gmail.com