Bullpen Arepas


We are a baseball inspired Food Truck offering to tasting the most delicious Arepas with the best ingredients around.

An Arepa is a circular shaped bread made of white corn flour. Arepas can be served either baked or fried depending on the taste of the person. The Arepa is native of Venezuelan Culture. At Bullpen Arepa we prepare authentic Venezuelan Arepas that are gluten free, and filled with the best fresh ingredients and the greatest taste.

We also offer catering services for all kind of Events with the best levels of quality in our food and services.

You are invited to tray our Arepas at our Gwinnet location at the food court into the Assi Plaza Market: 1630 Pleasant Hill Rd Suite A5 Duluth, GA 30096


Email: bullpenarepas@gmail.com
Website: www.bullpenarepas.com