Bento Bus


About: The Bento Bus is an Atlanta-based food truck that offers healthy, Japanese-inspired, Asian fusion cuisine. Bento is a Japanese word meaning “a single-portion, takeout meal normally served in a container with multiple compartments”. Being a food truck, our menu will diverge slightly from the traditional Bento towards more creative street dishes. In addition to serving great food, we are committed to serving our local community and our customer’s health. In that spirit, we source locally and use as many organic (i.e., non-GMO, pesticide ridden, processed) ingredients as feasible. In being kind to the environment, we believe in using eco-friendly wares and utensils. We also want to raise awareness on compostable materials and educate our customers on the how-to’s of composting at home.
Look for the Bento Bus on the streets of Atlanta, our contact us for your private parties and special events catering needs at (678) 439-6297.