ASFC Happy Hour + Brand Development Seminar – March 1, 2012

ASFC Happy Hour + Brand Development Seminar – March 1, 2012

Please join the ASFC and Urban Eats’ Todd Semrau for our first Thursday evening happy hour and development seminar.

High Road Craft Ice Cream Kitchen – 2241 Perimeter Park Dr. Suite 7 Atlanta, GA 30341
Thursday March 1, 2012 – 7pm – 9pm
Pen + Paper for taking notes – beer, wine, and snacks will be provided.

Info on Seminar

Modern day food trucks are, by their very nature, fantastical.  These rolling compartmentalized kitchens offer qualities so tantalizing that people will stand in parking lots, city streets and other inauspicious locations to experience, and pay for, their culinary magic.  So what gives?  What do these phantom food mobiles embody to lure the masses and generate so much hype?  The answer is multifaceted…but at the base of the food truck’s popularity is a rock solid brand that has nestled itself into the emotional psyche of consumers everywhere.  The Concept and Brand Development Class is a broad view of branding, it’s impact on food trucks and why developing a resonating brand identity is so important for any mobile food business.  Class participants, as a group, will create a fictitious brand concept during the session.

Info on Presenter

Todd Semrau – Todd Semrau has food service in his blood.  His mother, Izzy Semrau a long-time foodie, was the PR director of the Peasant Group, a renowned restaurant group in Atlanta.  Back in the day, Todd was a single urban professional, working for Rich’s Department Store and living in East Atlanta Village.At that time, EAV was a ghost town with not much going on.  Todd decided that what it needed was a pub where people could have a place to congregate and feel like home.  Todd received an Atlanta Authority Development Loan for 50,000 and went to work on the final menu and concept.  Izzy recommended expanding his food service to have more selections. Todd took her advice and his first restaurant was born, The Heaping Bowl and Brew.It was just what the neighborhood needed and spurred the revitalization of the East Atlanta Village to become one of the hot Intown Atlanta neighborhoods.

Todd got his first taste of how important a restaurant/bar can be in setting the tone for a neighborhood and bringing people to it. He ran Heaping Bowl and Brew for eight years before selling it.Todd went on to create five more successful restaurants in Atlanta and eventually realized he had a knack and vision for developing food and beverage concepts that contributed to positive, long term urban developments.   Since creating his company Todd has consulted with a wide range of commercial developers, restaurant companies, hotel developers and aspiring restauranteurs to be.

He brings passion along with expertise to his trade and you can’t go wrong with that. Semrau focuses on how a winning food service concept must be reflective of its surroundings in order for consumers to adopt it and make it their own. When a concept is forced upon a neighborhood nothing real and authentic takes place.  Thus, long term success is harder to achieve.  A concept that is inclusive of the cultures and personalties of the community it serves becomes part of that community’s foundation.

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