Alaska Gourmet Chefs


About:  Alaska Gourmet Chefs specializes in presenting distinctive, healthy, and delicious cuisine for guests at festivals, fairs, parties, and special events. We consider all of our customers to be guests and strive to treat each one with warm and friendly service.

Our basic menu is built on cuisine of the Pacific Northwest with an emphasis on Alaskan comfort food. Alaskan comfort food includes fish such as salmon, halibut, shellfish, and other fresh seafood when in season. Our game offerings include caribou, elk, reindeer, buffalo, ox, and venison for custom catering. Our exclusive beverage is Tundra Tea, a special blend of Alaskan berries and choice teas.

For more adventurous tastes, we can provide foods based on Traditional Eskimo and Alaska Native diets. We have family, friends, and Alaskan connections that can create custom menus and recipes found at few places in the world. With enough advance notice, we can transport your taste buds to the icy Arctic coast of Northern Alaska or the remote rivers of an interior bush village!

Our quest is to provide scrumptious food, exceptional customer service, and a memorable experience for those who like to experience a taste of the Pacific Northwest.



Phone: Thomas Brock 907-599-0345