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Our mission is simple:

To campaign for safe, affordable, and legal access to street food in Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding metro area, by:

  • gathering vendors, business people, street food enthusiasts, and other concerned citizens to create a movement for positive change in Atlanta’s mobile food system;
  • persuading local and state lawmakers to revise current restrictive vending ordinances which hinder the proliferation of street food culture, and to implement instead a regulatory system which encourages sidewalk and roadway entrepreneurship;
  • fostering positive relations between street vendors and the residents and businesses of the communities they serve;
  • educating and creating awareness of the integral role street vendors could play in rejuvenating the life and economy of Atlanta through the creation of viable business opportunities and jobs for Atlantans;
  • facilitating a thriving urban street food scene that brings casual, affordable, delicious food options to Atlanta’s streets, fosters connectivity between residents and promotes the city itself as a food culture destination.
If you are already a vendor or aspiring to become a vendor, join our coalition now and support Atlanta’s streetfood movement.

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Support the street food movement in Atlanta by joining our coalition! If you are already a vendor or aspiring to become a vendor in Atlanta, join now to support our efforts to pass new legislation and improve Atlanta's climate for street food vendors.
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