The French Truck



Our Philosophy
Organic, Sustainable, and Local whenever possible.  We only serve food we would serve our family!
Our Chef and his commitment 
Mike has had a lifelong passion for cooking.  He is now after many years in the corporate world doing what he loves most of all.
He trained at a private French cooking school for many years in NYC.  He has worked for a family owned food business in Berkeley, California where he combined his love of marketing and sales with his passion–cooking.
Mike has now begun operating The French Truck–a company dedicated to bringing fine French (and Mediterranean) cuisine to the streets of Atlanta.  We custom source all of our ingredients and only use suppliers who can deliver on the quality we expect to serve at our family table.  We believe in quality vs.quantity.
Our Savory and Sweet crepes are hand spun with all organic ingredients: flour, whole milk, and eggs. And when we prepare our Bistro items–Mike is hand making everything on the menu from scratch.
We are continually innovating and updating our menu offerings. You will most often never see everything on the menu from week to week.  If it is not fresh or priced fairly we will not serve it.
We are excited to begin our journey of experimentation and fine cuisine to all of Atlanta’s many food truck lovers. We also offer a large catering menu and can cater with and without the truck.
We also offer a customer satisfaction guarantee–if an item does not meet your expectation, we will happily replace it or refund your money.  We welcome and appreciate feedback from all of our customers.
Let us know how we can best serve you!